Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So, who would have thought that this whole getting-back-on-the-blogging-bandwagon thing would take some discipline? (Tongue-in-cheek question, by the way.)

I guess that like any other hobby, blogging takes some practice before it becomes habitual.

As such, today, the day after my birthday, I'm publicly declaring my intention to put in the extra effort required to do this thing. I already have several topics in mind for upcoming posts. And that's a start, right?

So now my not-so-tongue-in-cheek question to my bloggy friends is this:  how do you stay disciplined? Do you blog as thoughts/topics come to you, or do you schedule posts in advance? In general, what's your blogging strategy?

There is so much I can learn from you all. Note-taking starts now!

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  1. What's really strange is I just wrote a post about lacking inspiration. So I guess that means I tend to write as topics come to mind.

    I used to schedule occasional posts. For instance when I did a series called "Wordy Wednesday" I would often schedule those ahead of time. Or suddenly I think of multiple things to write I might write them all and schedule one to post later.

    But your right, it takes discipline to blog. Good luck finding that discipline.

  2. I rarely have time to just write up a post immediately, so usually I set up a text document and write down my post. It may be a day or two before I actually post it, so I use the time in between to tweak or add more detail. There are a few posts that I schedule. Scheduling is nice because then you can spread out your posts. Works well for the unknown times you will be too busy to post.

  3. I just take pics for posts every time I go out and do something fun... the beach, a restaurant, a party, etc. Then I write about it within the week.

    I have the opposite problem. It's hard for me to hold back because there are so many things to write about!

  4. Blogging is something you do because you Love!! Hope you continue To enjoy it!


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