Wednesday, May 2, 2012


On Friday, I posted about how my husband and I were jetting off for a little getaway weekend in the mountains. Well, we had an amazing weekend of perfect weather (78 and sunny), beautiful mountains, and making memories together. And even better, our amazing weekend was uninterrupted by emails and phone calls.

Being "unplugged" from our devices for the weekend really reminded me of how major a distraction they are in our daily lives. For example, when was the last time you pulled out your smartphone to send a text, check your email, or look something up on the Web in the middle of dinner with your family or friends? I'm trying to break this bad habit myself.

We get so few opportunities these days to truly disconnect from the rest of the world. Cell phones mean that you can be reached anywhere, anytime. Smartphones, iPads, and laptops mean you can hop online anywhere, anytime.

And we do. Because we can.

But when I was disconnected from these things all weekend, I didn't miss them. I didn't miss Facebook, Twitter, or blogging (no offense). I didn't miss checking my email or keeping up with the latest news.

And instead, I got to enjoy talking, laughing, experiencing things, and making memories with my husband. By disconnecting myself from those distractions, I was able to feel much more connected to him. And isn't that what really matters?

(image credit: techcomet)